Vulcan Colony Space is a small 3 system territory in the Gamma Quadrant, that originated when a Vulcan Colony Ship was pulled into a spatial anomaly approximately in the year 2109. The anomaly sent them to a sector of space that was taken out of normal space time and trapped in the bubble of displaced space. The space was finally brought back into normal space when the anomaly collapsed. The Vulcan Colony was first found in 2376 when the VCC Soval of the New Vulcan High Command under the command of Commander Noxalon was pulled into the anomaly. Shortly after the Soval found a way out they sent a convoy named VC Convoy 1. They Convoy consisted of several Vulcan vessels such as 2 Vulcan Cruisers, 3 Vulcan Cargo Ships, 3 Vulcan Supply Carriers, and 1 Small Craft Carrier which held Shuttles, work bees and Construction drones. The Convoy was lost when the anomaly collapsed and was assumed to never make it to the colony. In the year 2409 when Starfleet had finally completed testing and began implementing Quantum Slipstream Drives on a number of vessels a second convoy had been assembled and dubbed VC Convoy 2. VC Convoy 2 consisted of the VCC Soval, USS Hermiod, USS Vivace, VCS Supsaya, 3 Cargo Ships, 2 Repair and Construction Ships and 1 Long Range Science Ship. The VC Convoy 2 set out and made its way to what has become a new government with several planets and moons ready for colonization. The Vulcan's that were on the first Colony ship spread to two other neighboring systems and built a small fleet of Vulcan designed ships along with a medium sized station to coordinate movements and supplies to the 3 systems as well as repair and construct new ships.

Two of the main hostile species encountered by the Federation in the area of the Vulcan Colony Space is the Dominion and the Bekirr. Though encounters with the Dominion in this area of space are limited to scouts on the outer limits of sensor range and rarely happen. Although encounters with the Bekirr seem to be on the rise. Fortunately Bekirr vessels seem to have limited sizes and models.

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