The building of the Vulcan High Command in the Vulcan capital city in 2154.

In the 22nd century, the Vulcan High Command was the most powerful governmental body on planet Vulcan, its de facto military] government.

Prior to Federation membership

During the 22nd century, the High Command was an organization responsible for overseeing the Vulcan military as well as civilian organizations.


  • Vulcan Diplomatic Corps
  • Vulcan Intelligence
  • Vulcan Ministry of Information
  • Vulcan Science Directorate


In May 2153, the High Command ordered Subcommander T'Pol (via Ambassador Soval) to return to Vulcan rather than join Enterprise on its mission into the Delphic Expanse. T'Pol resigned her commission rather than obey.

In 2154, V'Las, the head of the High Command, planned to attack Andoria, believing that they were developing a planet killer based on Xindi technology. Following that incident, V'Las' High Command was disbanded, ending their diplomatic influence of Earth's decisions.

Later that year, T'Pau replaced V'Las as head minister of the Vulcan people. She assumed responsibility over Vulcan's military structure, including many of its warships. She actively began to restructure the military, and those vessels that remained in service no longer had full crew complements (many of whom were still sympathetic to the old High Command and left rather than serve the new leadership). During the incident with the Romulan drone-ship, T'Pau was only able to dispatch 23 vessels to add to the combined Andorian-Human-Tellarite intercept fleet.

Federation-era history

By the 23rd and 24th centuries, the High Command of Vulcan would fill a very different role, as the planet was a Federation member.

Vulcan Space Central was maintained by the High Command that oversaw all incoming and outgoing ship activity near Vulcan.

The Command would continue to help maintain Vulcan security and defense, as well as other internal matters, including the V'Shar.

Even after becoming a Federation member, Vulcan still maintained its own fleet of ships.

In 2376 a group of people reformed the High Command. In 2376 the newly formed Vulcan High Command Council decided to launch a new type of cruiser, visually it would be identical to the D'Kyr class of old, this new class would be called the Soval Class

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